You tell me how many ex ’ would sit there and talk with you about the stress of planning your current wedding how many would swallow their pride, grin and just bear it. Tell me how hearing all about your struggles with money because of this wedding and knowing you wouldn’t even think about it with me. Tell me how you realize you love him more them me in less than a month. Tell me how you can say I’m the love of your life one month, decide being around me is to much to handle and fall for him the next. Tell me why you asked me if you should marry him and what I thought about it.

Tell me and make me understand what your doing because I cant. And these mixed signals you’re giving me are killing me. How is he so cool with me being your friend yet you seem to hide this “friendship” from him all the time. I just,

I’ve been breaking down our weed on a picture of us,
just to remind myself how much happiness was once held in that frame-

Tell me, when did the feelings fade?
I know I was high as fuck that night- but in your sleep, you were saying her name…

( While I don’t even like to say yours-
Much like the weed every kiss comes in a different flavor;
Trying to avoid being a player just for our sake.

I’ll get you high again just don’t leave my heart in heartbreak.)

Maybe I’m just another flavor to you but I still stay on your lips-

And I know dealing with me isn’t easy but I’ve got xans to keep you patient & tabs to make it hurt less if hearts do end up breaking-

Because they usually do; I know from experience that coming down off these drugs won’t have shit on losing you.

( Me hiding behind smoke & feelings hiding behind me, rarely to be exposed;

Drugged out love she’s on to the next row, Thc & Xo’s, riding waves that we no longer surf.

Guess I was getting high again because we no longer work.)
For the love of drugs// collab with (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)